Multiclassing into Shaman: SC question

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When you take the MC feat into Shaman, you get the Spirit companion & choose the opportunity action for it. However, what about an at-will attack that can be made through the Spirit? Is it assumed that you cannot attack with the Spirit Companion at all or are you supposed to pick a Shaman at-will that only the spirit can use? Do you choose one of your main class at-wills to be compatible with the companion?

Any help appreciated.
When you take the shaman multiclass feat, you gain only what the feat specifies - the ability to use Call Spirit Companion as a standard action, one of the opportunity powers as an encounter power, and speak with spirits as a daily power (plus the implement and skill training). You do not gain any other shaman powers, etc.

So, by just taking this feat (ignoring novice power, etc, and half-elf stuff) you cannot attack with the spirit companion, you cannot pick a shaman at-will to use with the spirit companion, and you cannot associate one of your at-wills to come from the spirit companion.

Of course, you could certainly reflavour your existing powers to be "attacks from the spirit companion", but mechanically you gain only what the feat specifies, and nothing more.
Hmmm. So you essentially get an awesome distraction which can opportunity attack and work with any other shaman powers you happen to MC into.

Still for a feat, it's a dammed good deal.
Just remember that the opportunity attack from the spirit is only once per encounter. Be sure to have your spirit pre-summoned before battle, as that will usually save you a lot of time; they're great from blocking doorways and staircases (if 80% weren't 2 squares or more, I swear my DM would ban the feat altogether; he's already implemented two houserules to "balance" the companions distraction factor. Not that it's helped him any, mind you ;) )

If you are really interested, you can either go the half-elf route or paragon multiclass for an at-will spirit attack power (but not, sadly, the opportunity attack power; at least not by my reading, as those are class features).