Demonic Acolyte and its resistance

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Here are 3 questions about the template *Demonic Acolyte*.

1) A Demonic Acolyte can have Resist 5 (choose one type) at 1st level. Does these types include just only acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder (the Variable Resistance of a demon), or can I choose such as radiant or poison etc. for the resist type?

2) Can I choose a resist type which the monster has vulnerability?

3) A Demonic Acolyte has an aura 5 of Shield of Abyssal Majesty which allows allies in the aura gain the demonic acolyte’s resistance(s). Does the Shield of Abyssal Majesty only apply to types such as acid, cold, fire, lightning, thunder, radiant, or poison, or it can apply to some special type such as insubstantial or swarm’s melee and ranged resistance?

I've asked the Customer Service about these questions. And they reply with "The answers to all of your questions about the Demonic Acolyte template is, it works however you want it to for your campaign."
So what do you think?
My take?

1) If it doesn't give a list from which you can choose, all types are fair game.

2) See #1.

3) The allies gain the Acolyte's resistances. Insubstantial and Swarm are not resistances - they may help you resist damage, but they are not called resistances. Hence, Swarm and Insubstantial would not apply.