A quick (hopefully) question on "Specialist" modifications

There are three "specialist" ways to modify a weapon (that I can remember/find):

  • Tech Specialist (and Superior Tech)
  • Biotech Specialist
  • Sith Alchemy Specialist

The text says that you can't grant more than one benefit to an object, but is this for each feat, or overall?

For example, can I have a jagged knife with increased damage?

It seems unlikely that I could use Tech and Biotech together, but what about Sith Alchemy and Biotech?

(I actually hope that the answer is that they are incompatible, as it makes my life a lot easier programming this stuff into my sheet ;) )
Deleted, due to not reading enough of the OP.
Page 61 of the Legacy Era campaign guide specifically states that Vong biotech items can only be modified with the Biotech Specialist feat, and not the Tech Specialist feat, so that combo is out.

In theory, Tech Specialist and Sith Alchemy could be used together, because the one benefit rule applies to each means of granting benefits. These are two different ways to change equipment, so they should work together. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!)

As for the Sith Alchemy and Biotech, since Vong technology is stated as being "disconnected from the Force" (pg 33 of the LECG) and Sith Alchemy lets you "imbue objects with the power of the dark side" (pg 21 JATM) I'd say that you couldn't apply Sith techniques to biotech, eliminating the question of using them together.