Melee reach...again

This is the posting from Jedi Councelling. Is it still up to date? How does Melee reach apply to super stealth, cloaked and invisible?

Q: Let's say you have a Rancor fighting two enemies. One Enemy is 1 Square away, and the other is 2 squares away, directly behind the first enemy. Can the Rancor attack the enemy in back?
A: No. The more distant enemy would be considered to have cover from the closer enemy and (obviously) the more distant enemy is not the closest. Therefore, it would not be a legal target according to the targeting rules.

Q: What if a Rancor is fighting an enemy 2 squares away on a low objects square. Does that enemy get cover?
A: Yes. The Rancor is not literally adjacent to the low objects, so he cannot ignore them.
That JC article predates the errata on Melee Reach. It's no longer correct.
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