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but i am in a weird way a semi perfectionist, and ive been trying to find the perfect mini for the character ive been playing on and off since ive started playing d&d, my half-orc barbarian Rok. i love the character because its the first one i ever played so i was hoping throuoght my travels i would find a mini perfect for him, alas i cannot. he looks something like this

except he wears all leather armor.

ive looked through reaper, all there orcs look like savages, which i can understand most are, i cant stand games workshop orcs, privateer press has an awesome bits service i could have used but they dont make any orcs. basically what im looking for is an orc mini with an axe, that has chest armor and pants on lol, anyone know of any other companys that may put something like that out? thanks ina dvance guys.

p.s. sorry for the cluster i have to get to work so this was kind of rushed.
Would this be any good?

"My flying carpet is full of elves."

i hate to say it, but im not a fan of that particular sculpt, i guess it looks to "savage"?, but i have to say i really appreciate the effort my friend i cant thank you enough, and on the plus side i found a few sculpts on that site that are perfect for my friends cleric.

i have to say im to picky for this and most likely wont find anything, but i do thank you all for helping.

(p.s. duskweaver i really hope i didnt come off dickish i appreciate you helping immensly)

(p.p.s. actually the best course of action would be any mini sites who sell things in piieces, like privateer press and GW used to do, all id need is a decent orc headsculpt then and i could use like any leather armor like body. any other companies do that?)
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