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I'm thinking I'd like to see a prestige class -- mostly for goblin clerics of Maglubiyet, although maybe some non-goblins, non-clerics, and/or non-Maglubiyet worshippers could get in after jumping through some hoops -- oriented around spreading plagues. It's for goblins who'd do things like give elves smallpox-infected blankets as presents and such.

I'm thinking that the PrC would continue to advance cleric abilities, maybe at a slightly reduced rate. Its power, however, would come from the ability to create magically bioengineered plagues. As you gained more levels, you'd be able to create more potent plagues, albeit at a higher cost.

I'm thinking plagues could use a system of customizable features vaguely along the lines of the epic spell system, although somewhat less confusing. It would require, in addition to being in the right PrC, time, experience, and money to develop a plague.

Variables that might be adjusted from the plague:

-Fortitude save DC
-Spreading method (airborne, waterborne, hosted in vector like mosquitoes, etc)
-Discrimination -- dieases could be selective in whom they affect. Discrimination might be by species (easiest), sex, age, alignment (hardest), etc.
-Magical self-preservation: is the disease non-magical (albeit magically-created)? Magical, and requires a remove curse in addition to a remove disease to remove, like mummy rot? Does it require a wish or miracle to remove? Etc.

Do you think a system could be made to work?
Sure - go to the classes/ prestige classes forum and take a look at my 'Plague Sword'. Feel free to adapt it to your uses.
I don't have a perfect memory, thus I don't always recall the rules and mechanics perfectly. I also don't usually peruse the book before opening my "mouth", so cut me some slack if I'm little off every now and again. When logic fails to be present, the rational must inject logic into the situation.
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In my world leprocy is a divine disease that can not be cured by any old cure disease spell. It requires spells comparable to alter reality and wish to cure the disease. Most people, including the characters in my group, have a healthy fear of leprosy. Also, it makes for a fun role-playing aid. I once had the BBEG slip out of a possible trap by wrapping himself up in rags and pretending to be a begger with leprosy. The group actually tossed him a few coins and let him go! They still do not know that this happened! Of course, it also helps that none of them post on this site.
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For inspiration and some mechanics, I suggest looking up the Talontar Blightlord (I think it's in Unapproachable East, an FR book) and the Blighter (in Complete Divine). They're made with this idea in mind.

Also, I think the Book of Vile Darkness and the Epic Level Handbook have a few examples of plague-causing spells and general nastiness like that. Might be something in Lords of Evil or Heroes of Horror, too!
Mesinock's plague sword does look intriguing. I'm just mentioning it as an excuse to link, since I like to have all mentions of other threads linked to their referents.
Cancer Mage, Book of Vile Deeds. Doesn't progress casting but ... very nice.
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