Helmets, and Other Assorted Gear - Ideas welcome, as is PEACHing

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I've had several of these ideas bouncing around in my head for a little while now, and, before implementing them in game, I wanted to see what the forumites had to say about them.

Helmets - I know that many assume a helmet is just part of the normal suit of armor, and I was, at first, one of them--until one of my players and I had a conversation about military leaders in the Classical and Medieval eras. Some soldiers, the ones more focused on protecting their most vital areas, would train with a helmet. Others, who were more concerned with the ability of their troops to see them and take heart, generally preferred an image free from masking headgear. So I created this feat.

Headgear Choice (Hopefully someone, anyone, will see this and think of a better name.)
Prerequisites: Proficiency with Chain Armor,
Benefit: Choose one of the following-
Helmet Training: You gain proficiency with the War Helm, an item detailed below.
Free Visage: Allies within three squares of you gain a +1 feat bonus to saving throws, and push any enemy they hit with an attack one square. If one of your allies uses a power that normally pushes an opponent while under the effect of this aura, they instead push their foe one extra square. (Based off the "Defend your king" philosophy some of the general's closest allies often had.)
Special: This feat can be taken twice, but a different benefit must be taken each time.

War Helm - 10 gp +2 (or +1, I don't know yet) to AC -4 to Perception Checks, and enemies gain an additional +1 bonus to hit you while flanking you.

I have more, and will update this post when I have time to think. For now, I am tired.