Designing a shadar-kai warehouse

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I'm trying to design a brief adventure set in a shadar-kai warehouse in Overlook as a side quest to Scales of War ep. 3. The point is to do one raid against the last standing warehouse that Sarshan was operating, and at the end they will recover some information that will tie them into SOW4.

Here are some ideas i've had so far:
- a magical burglar alarm hazard that does blinding attacks against the whole room when triggered. some enemies that don't use vision in the encounter. arcana/thievery to delay/disable the trap.
- one room would have long rows of shelves (like library stacks) The shelves would provide superior cover and you could squeeze to go through them. this would probably hinder the rogue from getting flanking unless he somehow gets around the enemy in the aisle (maybe by climbing, teleporting or squeezing)

I looked through dungeon delve for something to cannibalize but nothing seemed like a good fit. Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated.