Energy Shield and Deflect

So, Scoundrel asked a question if you could have the attacker roll the energy shield first and then use deflect if needed. I am pretty sure this is covered in the FAQ under part 10
If multiple effects trigger, use the simultaneous effects rule to determine the order in which they are resolved. You may see the results of one effect before resolving another, but no single effect may be resolved more than once. For example, a character can never Lightsaber Deflect the same attack twice.

My question is if this has changed at all since with Djem So Style you have to announce to use Lightsaber Block first (or Riposte) ect before rolling the Djem SO save.

Could you confirm this NN?
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So far, Djem So and Riposte are the only exception to the simultaneous rule.
A few items like Djem So are exceptions but they explicitly say so, and say what must be resolved before/after. Energy Shield and Deflect however affect different characters. And the rulebook says the following:

Player’s Choice: If several effects apply to one player’s character or characters, that player determines the order.

Acting Player First: If the effects apply to more than one player’s characters, the acting player (the one whose character is doing something) goes first.

So based on that, it appears you would be required to resolve the Energy Shield first as the attacker is acting.

(Funny, I would not have guessed this, so I'm glad I looked it up.)
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