Chewbacca of Hoth - Do you use him?

Was browsing through some miniature stats when I came across Chewie of Hoth. It immediately struck me that he is a niche piece (best used with Mounted Weapons). He seems to compliment Luke's Snowspeeder, the Golan, the Repeating Blaster Cannon and a few other Fringe options. While I have yet to use him, I am wondering if he will be more popular now thanks to Rieekan (Mobile Industrial Repair is handy). I could see a pretty decent squad using him and Deliah to Repair some of those pieces.


BTW, I am also wondering about that Bowcaster on him. Is he simply holding it strangely?
short answer: no
yeah he will be a little more useful since he is only 22 for a 100 pts and can mobile IR for 20 with GR. i used him whenever i had a golan in one of my squads tho.
Yes, I have used him, he's a decent and overlooked piece.

The problem with him IMO is that people look at him, see a Chewbacca without Momentum or Cleave, decide there are better Chewies to use... and end up not using any Chewbacca.

It's a similar problem as Leia, Bounty Hunter, but on a lesser scale. Leia BH on her own is a decent piece, but it's hard to run her knowing you are forgoing an excellent Leia. People will say they would rather run Chewie RH, who is an excellent piece, but most of the time he doesn't make the squad list either.

Mobile IR20 with Rieekan is a good call
I've had great success running him with Luke's Snowspeeder. I still think it's one of the best combos in the game.
I've never used him.

For that matter, I've never used any Chewbacca except the original from RS, and RH. Still a great option with Loda in Dynamic Duo.
If I had him I would probably play him. I've used Chewie RH a few times.
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I've not gotten to him, but whenever I run Snowspeeders i'll definitely give him a whirl in friendly games.
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Yes but only in a battle of Hoth battle.
I used him very frequently with Luke's Snowspeeder before I got Deliah Blue. I still use him on occasion in larger point Rebel squads that have things like Snowspeeders or Golans.
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