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I need to design a construct that should be a "hard solo" for a 2-3 PC group of level 11s, using the golem as a template (not really any other constructs


Guardian Level 13
Large animate (Construct)
HP 330 Bloodied 165
AC 26, Fort 30, Reflex 22, Will 22
Immune sleep, poison, disease
Saving Throws + 2
Speed 6, can't shift.
Action Points 1

Slam (Standard at-will)
Reach 2; +17 vs AC; 2d10 + 5 damage, target is pushed back 1 square and dazed.

Execution Axe/Greatspear/Greatclub/Urgosh/Etc (typically this will be some kind of magical weapon for story reasons, they can't really buy much). Using whatever the item description is.

Double attack: Makes two attacks with Slam or Weapon

Billowing Hellfire (minor, at will) - Opens it's chest and spews forth magical fire, Mazinger style. Recharge every four turns.
Encounter, recharge when bloodied or after ten turns.
Close blast 5
Targets: All creatures in area
+16 vs Reflex; 2d12 + 6 fire damage. Miss : half damage. All targets get -2 AC (save ends).

Eldritch Cannon (standard, encounter)
Can use twice per encounter.
Ranged 20; +15 vs Reflex; 2d12 + 4 damage and target is slowed until end of guardian's next turn.

Alignment Evil Languages Common, Abyssal*
STR 22 (+13)
CON 22 (+13)
DEX 12 (+4)
INT 3* (+2)
WIS 8 (+5)
CHA 3 (+4)

* When being controlled by another, languages/mental stats differ.