"For Player Character" Monsters from MM4 & 5... Any thoughts?

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I noticed these after looking at the Wrackspawn; I hadn't looked through the book previously. Does anybody have any thoughts or experience with these?


  • Bloodhulk Fighter
    Bloodhulk Giant
    Bloodhulk Crusher
    -These all seem like really nice undead to have on one's own side. I'm not sure if they are worth it relative to other, more conventional undead, though, due to the extra HD for controlling issue... Still, can be made via Animate Dead which is nice.

  • Defacer
    -Automatically shaken! Earth Glide! Chance to stun on a slam! And it doesn't really have that many HD. Great addition to the Create Undead list.

  • Necrosis Carnex
    -I LOVE the aura! They're weak, but again, not expensive.

  • Plague Walker
    -Nothing impressive here except for the fact that you can cede control over to an underling... This might work well with Undead Lieutenant to make a bunch of squadrons for a battle. Too expensive for a typical situation, imo.

  • Wrackspawn
    -+8 to hit just doesn't cut it at ECL 7, so, no.

  • Corruptor
    -Great abilities, summonable at ECL 11. Pretty cool creature, but the DCs are a bit weak. A pair of these from a Malconvoker could be really cool - the Corruptors use invisibility, then the Malconvoker debuffs the heck out of the enemy, followed by a pair of death attacks. Pretty good for no additional investment. Also usable w/ a Binder (and their debuff auras) and the super-vestige.

  • Clockroach
    -Its unclear if the controlling amulet is limited to one clockroach or not, but if it can control multiple, this screams nanobot to me! Even if that's not the case, a 3d4 acid line every 5 rounds could be worth it.

  • Clockwork Mender
    -Not sure how to abuse this; the once per day for the familiar seems weak, and the swarm seems to temporal to get much utility out of it (though it DOES seem great to combine the swarm with your construct nanobots)

  • Clockwork Stallion
    -This seems awesome to me, and could be a great low to mid level mount (and maybe beyond). It seems really, really cheap compared to other constructs of similar power level.

  • Fang Golem
    -Seems inexpensive, and gets the general golem immunities, but I'm not sure its worth the cost.

  • Dwarf Ancestor
    -Doesn't seem that great of a creature to get at ECL 9, but its a great alter shape form, for sure. Could work nicely in an all dwarf party, too. Not sure... generally people don't care that much about AC on a summoned creature...

  • Howler Wasp
    -Seems like a great creature to charm... then use several summons to get a bunch that can spray their pheremone on an enemy (giving your charmed, probably buffed wasp a huge bonus to hit).

  • Inferno Spider
    -Looks like a great addition to a summoner; a pair of these could really mess up the battlefield.

  • Justice Archon
    -Not sure that I like it all that much, except for the circle.

  • Voor
    -6 attacks per round, OK attack bonus for ECL 7 (well, mainly due to the extra number of attacks). Seems OK.

  • Nashrou
    -Uhm... seems weak...`

Mounts and Familiars
  • Lodestone Marauder
    -OK! A trainable creature with no up front costs other than time. Me likey!

  • Bluestorm Lizard
    -As a mount, I'm not sure I like it as much as the Clockwork Steed. Still, pretty flavorful for an electricity based character.

  • Greenstorm Leaper
    -Seems very handy for either a purely dungeon-based or forest-based game, for a mount for a small druid or similar. Overall, not impressed.

  • Redspawn Firebelcher
    -I do not like... except for on a Dragon Shaman (Red) character. Even then, Ride is cross class... Not a great creature for a mount.

  • Sailsnake
    -As a familiar, it probably could gain enough Int to use wands et al. That combines really well with its Flyby Attack feat. Seems situational, at best - if one can use this, they could just take an Imp / Quasit / Pseudodragon and use retraining options to get Flyby Attack.

  • Varag
    -Uhm... no... the base abilities aren't worth what 4 class levels could've gained... (in most cases)... It might be OK in a LA buyoff game.

  • Windrazor
    -Not sure how I feel about this one, yet... This would make a VERY interesting base race (like, Windblade 2 / Totemist x / etc)...

  • Skiurds
    -People have talked about these guys before; the +2 CL bonus might be stackable, in which case its awesomely powerful.

Search MM4 for playable creatures, maybe... list equipment... rename the thread...

That's all for MM4. If people are interested, I'll do one for MM5. I'll try to keep the posts updated with people's ideas.
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