Hysterical bag of rats

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So my wife is playing a Bard with the Virtue of Valor feature, which states "When any ally within 10 squares of you reduces an enemy to 0 hit points or bloodies an enemy, you can grant temporary hit points to that ally as a free action". It just so happened that several times throughout the session it was the Bard who reduced an enemy to bloodied/zero, thus granting NO temp HP according to the rules because it's only for when the Bard's allies do the pwning. Seems consistent with other Leader-type powers so I thought nothing of it, until my wife brought down a hobgoblin with a Misdirected Mark that "came from" a rogue in the party. She says to DM "so he gets temp HP, right?" DM says "no because you did it, not an ally", to which she replies "nuh-uh, the rogue did it, it was misdirected. I fooled the RULES!"

After we werer done crakcing up about it I couldn't help but think "yeah that's wrong, but I think I'd allow it anyway as DM."

That's my baby.