The Smuggler's Space Dock (haves/wants)

Transmission Start….. UPDATED 3/27/09

Welcome my friends to the Smuggler's Space Dock. It's a wonderful black market of ships and slaves out on outer rim.

We have a fine selection of new and used spacecraft to choose from. All are guaranteed to be in the finest working order (ie. Bagged or in NM condition).

We also pride ourselves on the finest assortment of slaves in the sector. All have been lovingly cared for and fed at least once a week. (ie. Bagged or in NM condition) All our ships and slaves have their paperwork (ie. cards) and are ready for immediate transport.

All transports will be handled in a timely manner and will be packaged with all due care so that there are no deaths or damage upon delivery. (ie. Securely packed, boxed, and with delivery confirmation from USPS)

Here is our current selection for your review:

All are in perfect condition (all bagged except for 6 and those 6 are in mint condition)
We are accepting cash offers ($175.00) or interesting trade offers.

Slave Pens ----

{Very Rares - A prized possession to be sure)

Yoda on Kybuck -CW #20 (bagged) **PENDING OUT**
Anakin Skywalker on STAP -CW #4 (bagged) **PENDING OUT**
General Grievous -CS # 40
Obi-wan Kenobi -RS # 11 **PENDING OUT**
Darth Vader, Sith Lord -RS # 22

{Rares – A very good find}

Anakin Skywalker, Champion of Nelvaan -CW #3 (bagged)
Barriss Offee -CW #6 (bagged)
Commander Gree -CW #9 (bagged) **PENDING OUT**
General Aayla Secura -CW #13 (bagged)
Gha Nachkt -CW #35 (bagged)
Odd Ball -CW #16 (bagged)
Imperial Governor Tarkin -AE #29 (bagged)
Grand Moff Tarkin -RS #27

{Uncommon – Good quality merchandise}

ARC Trooper Sniper -CW #5 (bagged)
Elite Clone Trooper Commander x2 -CW #10 (bagged)
IG-100 MagnaGuard x2 -CW #28 (bagged)
IG-86 Assassin Droid -CW #37 (bagged)
Mon Calamari Knight -CW #15 (bagged) **PENDING OUT**
Nelvaanian Warrior x2 -CW #38 (bagged)
Quarren Isolationist x2 -CW #30 (bagged)
Rocket Battle Droid x2 -CW #31 (bagged)
Rocket Battle Droid -CW #31 **PENDING OUT**
Star Corps Trooper -CW #18 (bagged)
Trandoshan Scavenger x2 -CW #39 (bagged)
Geonosian Soldier -CS #44
Rodian Scoundrel -AE #52

{Common – They are hard workers at least}

Aqualish Warrior x4 -CW #34 (bagged)
Battle Droid x4 -CW #21 (bagged) **PENDING OUT**
Battle Droid x4 -CW #22 (bagged) **PENDING OUT**
Heavy Super Battle Droid x4 -CW #27 (bagged)
Super Battle Droid x4 -CW #32 (bagged)
Utapaun Warrior x4 -CW #40 (bagged)
Super Battle Droid x2 -RotS #40
Super Battle Droid x7 -CS #47
Super Battle Droid x5 -UNI #10
Sith Trooper -CotF #17
Republic Commando Fixer -CotF #34
Clone Trooper Sergeant x2 -CS #10
Mon Calamari Mercenary x2 -RS #53
Mon Calamari Tech Specialist x3 -AE #14
Human Blaster for Hire x4 -BH #35
Zabrak Fringer -RotS #55
Dark Trooper Phase 1 x2 -CotF # 47

Shipyard ---

{Very Rare – The finest ships in the galaxy}

Mon Calamari Star Defender Viscount x2 -#1

{Rare – Unique vessels for discerning customers}

Outrider -#8 (bagged)
Slave 1 (Boba) -#42 (bagged)
Slave 1 (Jango) -#43 (bagged)
Virago x2 -#44 (bagged)
Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing -#20
Millenium Falcon - #7

{Uncommon – Study crafts for any fleet}

Cloakshape Fighter -#46 (bagged)
Droid Tri Fighter -#48 (bagged)
Imperial Shuttle x6 -#39 (bagged)
Sith Infiltrator x3 -#41 (bagged)
Utapuan P-38 Starfighter -#25 (bagged)
Y-Wing Starfighter Ace x3 -#30 (bagged) **PENDING OUT x1**

{Common – They are probably space worthy}

Geonosian Starfighter x3 -#50 (bagged)
Geonosian Starfighter Ace -#51 (bagged)
Jedi Starfighter x2 -#19 (bagged)
Scarab Droid Starfighter x2 -#52 (bagged)
Sorosuub Patrol Fighter x4 -#24 (bagged)
Y-Wing Starfighter x4 -#29 (bagged) **PENDING OUT x1**

Forged Documentation (ie. Cards only) ---

CW – Card #’s 10 x2,11 x2,14 x5, 19 x3, 23, 29 x3, 33 x4, 36 x4, 37

CS – Card #’s 29 x4, 30, 31 x2, 39, 46 x8, 48 x5

RS – Card #’s 53, 59

BH – Card #’s 24 x3, 26 x2

CotF – Card #’s 6 x2, 34, 37 x3, 39 x2

RotS – Card #’s 25 x12, 27, 36 x6, 38 x9

Uni – Card #’s 8 x2, 11 x4

SSB – Card #’s 1 x3, 4, 9 x2, 11 x3, 12, 14 x4, 18, 19, 24 x2, 27 x2, 28 x4, 29 x3, 30 x2, 31, 35, 38, 39 x3, 54 x2, 55 x3, 57, 58, 59 x3, 60 x3

Our Current Needs at this time ---

Jabba the Hutt -RS #50
Anakin Skywalker -CS #3
Thrawn -IE #24 **PENDING IN**
Chiss Mercenary x6 -IE #28 **PENDING IN**
AT-ST -UNI #33
Destroyer Droid x3 -CS #37
Clone Trooper x6 -CS #6
Destroyer Droid x2 -RotS #30
Stormtrooper Commander x4 -Uni #42
Elite Stormtrooper x5 -RS #24
Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid -BH # 2
Imperial Star Destroyer x2 -SSB #35
Venator Star Destroyer x2 -SSB #6
Any X-Wing Starfighter (need multiples)

Thanks for browsing our inventory and feel free to contact us with any business opportunities. We just ask that you bump this message after contact to ensure no missed communications………Transmission End
pm sent
i have sent you a PM about some of your slaves.
We have replied to all incoming subspace transmissions and our inventory has been updated accordingly. A transport convoy should be leaving the system by the end of the week.
I am new to trading mini's as I am mostly an RPG guy but have been lurking on the WoTC boards for awhile now. Just wanted to say I really like that you RP'd your trade thread to give it a more interesting feel. Cudos to you and good luck with your trades.
I am new to trading mini's as I am mostly an RPG guy but have been lurking on the WoTC boards for awhile now. Just wanted to say I really like that you RP'd your trade thread to give it a more interesting feel. Cudos to you and good luck with your trades.

Thanks Mate. I do like to add some SW flare whenever possible.
Updated with current trades and updated inventory.

Also, 2 for 1 Happy Hour on Correllian Ale Everyday.
Updated with our current inventory and needs. Please stop by and have a look if you are near the outer rim.
After a minor slave revolt all is once again secure at The Smuggler's Space Dock. Due to some unpleasantness Durge had to be transported off world where he can no longer cause any trouble. We have also increased our defense fleet presence to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

Please feel free to drop by anytime and be sure to inquire about our special on Blue Milk this week only. ;)
Once again things are changing at the Smuggler's Space Dock. Stock comes and goes like the tides. Be sure to check out the wampa stew when you visit. It's the chefs signature dish and it's best when it's fresh. This month we are featuring a sensor suite upgrade with any ship purchase. Quite a bargain considering the increased Imperial presence as of late. Avoid any Imperial Entanglements and buy with confidence from the Smuggler's Space Dock.
******BOUNTY POSTED*******

The Smuggler's Space Dock was viciously raided last week by an unknown race. They are described as having blue skin, red eyes, and bad attitudes. Several ships were lost in defense of the Dock and millions of credits worth of damage was done to the dock when asteroids, that were able to penetrate our shields somehow, impacted on the docking ring. A bounty of 5 million credits has been put on these cowardly dogs and an additional bonus of 2 million credits will be paid if their commander is brought to us alive. We wish to "ask" him some questions. ---Transmission End---

We are still hunting for the blue skinned slime who raided the Space Dock last month. So far they have evaded our attempts at capture. We are asking all traders, bounty hunters, and concerned citizens to keep their open for these fiends and to report anything you find to our civil defense coordinator.


Also, we having come into possession of a complete fleet of ships that was "appropriated" from a local system who's president incurred some rather sizable gambling debts at our local casino. The fleet is in prime condition and a real bargain. Please contact our dock master for all the details.

---Transmission End---

Good news from the Space Dock. As of today, the bounty we placed on those renegade Chiss and their commander has been claimed. Those blue demons will be enroute shortly back to the Space Dock to stand trial for their crimes. After a fair trial they will be executed. Refreshments to be served afterwards. :D