Heavy Clones of Death

--Heavy Clones of Death--
55 General Obi-Wan Kenobi
27 Lobot
23 Mon Mothma
18 Gungan Shieldbearer
52 Heavy Clone Trooper x4
8 Mas Amedda
5 Caamasi Noble
12 Ugnaught Demolitionist x4
(200pts. 14 activations)

Clones go "BOOM!" when defeated, and with +13 attack, has a good chance of hitting. Even the camaasi is +4 for 10 when shot. Obi can handle most melee pieces.
Not sure if i should use Obi-Wan, or Aayla though. Both would have their benifits...
And no Artoo.

Reinforcments are usually an ASP-7 and another 10 points. Possibly a Kel Dor and Pickpocket.

I made this team to get some use out of these new clones, cause Heavy Weapon doesn't usually get much love (except the T1).
Shortened for your sanity until BBCode/Sblocks are readded.
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has good damage output, but no survivablity for its grunts. The single shield bearer can't protect everyone. But at least with Mothma they get to shoot before they die, as long as it's not in stealth or worse cloaked
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