A complicated question about reporting multi-session events.

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Hi all.

I'm pretty new to the RPGA, and I've never reported an event before. So I'm not quite sure how to handle my current slightly odd situation.

I decided that I wanted to run a series of adventures in my home for a group of players, consisting of all of the ADAP adventures. My plan is to run ADAP1-1, then ADAP1-5, then ADAP1-2, 1-3, and 1-4, all in a row, with one group of characters, like a little mini-campaign in one area, based out of Loudwater.

I'm really drawing the adventures out to allow for lots of roleplaying and description and tactical depth, just running each adventure over from biweekly session to biweekly session as needed, not worrying about how long it takes to complete them.

I ran my first session on Friday, 1/9/09, and my second session on Friday, 1/23/09. My next session will be on Friday, 2/6/09. So far, the party is not actually quite done with ADAP1-1, Barrow of the Ogre King yet. (Almost the entire first session was just spent in Loudwater talking to folks.) They will complete it at the next session, 2/6/09. So I haven't reported anything yet, since they haven't finished an adventure.

But this is how I ordered the adventures: First I ordered an event for 1/10/09, with the adventures ADAP1-1 and ADAP1-5. That event has still not been reported, because they haven't finished ADAP1-1 yet. Now it says it's "not received" on my events page. I ordered subsequent events for 3/6/09 (ADAP1-2 and ADAP1-3) and 5/1/09 (ADAP1-4). But I'm not sure how I'm supposed to report these, or what I should do now.

Should I cancel the first event I ordered, which was supposed to be on 1/10/09, and isn't even going to be done until 2/6/09 now? And then order a whole new event with the same adventure (ADAP1-1) for 2/6/09, and just report that? Should I cancel the other two future events, and wait until they actually finish those adventures to order a correctly-dated event and then report it right away at that time?

Or is there another, better way to handle it?

Am I going to get in trouble for ordering events for a certain date and then having to cancel them and re-order them for a different date, or for reporting them a few weeks late?

Sorry for the troublesome scenario, but this is all new to me. Thanks so much for your help!

No you wont get in trouble, when your finished go ahead and turn in the results we schedule 2 modules for each of our events and only run one, the idea is to ask "where do you guys want to go today" and let the players decide, unless another tables wants to go to baldurs gate and another to cormyr then well have two tables running the two adventures. having the replay option and my players each having an average of 3 characters helps with this and its fun for them to have a small choice of what adventure they feel up for.
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