Dreamblade minis for trade

Hi everyone. I have lots of Baxar's War & Base Set minis to trade. I am new to this forum, so I thought I'd give this a try. I am an Ebay Seller with a 100% feedback rating and have lots of Dreamblade minis to trade/sell on ebay.

I am looking for the following minis:

Base Set
Lunar Handmaiden
Noble Dragon
Steelborn Griffin
Zungar Bodyguard
Blight Rat (x5)
Deadmorph Ogre
Eater of Hope
Ekkyon Wayfarer
Fleshless Reaper
Night Queen
Blood Wolf (x2)
Lone Wolf (x2)

Baxar's War
Unsated Ragedrake

Night Fusion
Tragicomic Gunslinger
Nevret Flamer

Chrysotic Plague
Ravencloak Visionary
Shimmersword Merc (x2)
Shimmersword Sergeant (x2)
Aviax Cowboy
Ghost of the Key
Swordstrider (x2)
Prince of Blades
Toxic Sludger
World Eater

If anyone has any of these they wish to trade or sell, please drop me an e-mail @ [email]nsgrizzzly@eastlink.ca[/email]

I would post my lists of what I have, but I have over 700+ Dreamblade minis, many of which are doubles. Let me know what you want/need and maybe we can work out a trade/deal.

I'm not so much as a collector, as a player, so I also have some promos, 9 in fact with some being doubles & triples.

Thanks for your time.