Barriss Offee with Luminari?

OK, so call me slow. I have only been looking at Barriss's stats via these websites and minimanager and Bloomilk. I just got her today and got my first chance to look at the card. It says under synergy that she gets the bonus with a character named Luminari Unduli...not Luminara. Was this mentioned already and I missed it cause I tried to search for it and was unsuccessful. I wasn't too worried about no Errata for this set cause there didn't seem to be any immediate need type changes, but this sure seems to fit that category for me.

Anyone else's card say Luminari with an i instead of an a?
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Huh.... never noticed that. Yep, my new Barris's synergy definetely says Luminari. So looks like that the rule sticklers are going to do the same to her as what happened to Ahsoka.

Yep. Until Errata.
Yep. Until Errata.

Wow, its getting kinda late to not have an errata for the CW set isnt it? Arent they usually out following right after the set?
Extenuating circumstances.

(We've been pretty rapid recently, but some sets have taken up to 6-8 weeks in the past.)
Dang. I knew we were having problems with things like Grievous's blaster and what not, but I still was happy for a set with no typos like Range 60. Man, they were so close.
Maybe Luminari is plural for more than one Luminara? ;)

Seriously, though, it'll be interesting to see if the errata just corrects the spelling or if it, or if it also changes the "named" to a "name contains" (as Ahsoka's errata will most likely accomplish).
Kinda funny how typos will happen where they have the most significant impact. Not funny 'haw haw' though. Just odd.

Kinda like Obi Wan's card from the starter....His style only says "When attacked" Melee is omitted!
Kinda like Obi Wan's card from the starter....His style only says "When attacked" Melee is omitted!

Glad you mentioned that. I just recently got the mini and didn't notice the Rules Hot List entry stating it's just melee attacks.

Methinks a big company like Wizos could afford to budget more towards editing. I didn't even know about his Barriss Offee mistake. Goodness. Little errors like this DO have an impact on the game. Plus, it's just bad business
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