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So their is the arguments about mac users and DDI about the amount of users that have macs and play D&D and the users that favor PC.

This is not a thread avout discussion of Mac VS. PC but an experiment to determine the actual mac base in D&D

Maybe in hopes to give Wizards an actual extimation on D&D users that have macs I ask that any Mac user post here only once.

and if you do not use a mac please refrain from posting in this thread.
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i do not use a mac, but ubuntu. while it is possible to emulate/vm most things, its still a needless hassle to do so. maybe you should make a thread for people who don't use windows at all.
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Sadly, I don't think this has anything to do with wanting Next to be a great game. It has to do with wanting Next to determine who won the Edition War. [...] For those of us who just want D&D Next to be a good game, this is getting to be a real drag.
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I think I figured it out. This program is a character builder, not a character builder. It teaches patience, empathy, and tolerance. All most excellent character traits.
I'm a Mac user, but I have access to Windows if I want to use it. I'd prefer that everything ran natively on my Mac side, though.
Mac User. California based. Peace out.

A list of CharOp Handbooks I'm currently updating:

Heart of the Dragon: A Dragonborn's Handbook

Infernal Wrath: A Tiefling's Handbook

I'm a Mac user from sweden :D

Chicken or the egg question....


Due to the difficulty with using the site on a Mac and complete lack of support for the platform, I imagine they are right, there probably aren't many people here who are Mac users. Because unfortunately, most of us give up long before we make it onto the forums, and even fewer will create an account just so we can add a post that no-one will see about the lack of support for our computers.


For anecdotal evidence, I work in an office where there are 400+ technical computer users (mostly developers). Among those people, we have a large contengient of Magic players,  I've heard that 25% of our developers play magic, and while I think that number might be exaggerated, I can honestly say we have enough to have periodic tournaments in-house, and a lunchtime magic league. I have noticed no particular bias for Windows users in this crowd, and Mac/Linux users are quite well represented.


It really is a shame that Wizards has chosen to leave this market segment out when developing new electronic versions of their games.

One of the dangers of resurrecting a 5 year old thread is that its topic and point might be completely moot.  That's true here.  D&D Insider is now web-based, so Mac users can use it too.


Source: I am a Mac user, and I use D&D Insider.