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Just some ideas for play

feel free to coment and add your own ideas for others to coment on if you like.
Each of these ideas has the potential to be interesting, but will require more fleshing out. Low or No-magic settings are usually gritty and dark in tone, and often are more historically based. Your setting will need more than just a gritty tone and low magic to be interesting, though. here's a link to an article on running low magic settings.

An adventure as the "monsters" has a lot of potential. You could have the PCs be evil and explore the moral consequences of evil actions as well as the brutal life of an orc. Or, you could make monsters morally ambiguous and look at the relationship between "civilized" people and "monsters".

An open-ended campaign in which the players are evil requires very driven, self-motivated players and a GM who can handle their stunts. Also, keep in mind that since open-ended campaigns are character driven, the PCs can't be cardboard villains - they should be real people with real motivations and personal connections.
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No magic games leave too many things either up to the DM or diceless.
Just some ideas for play

An adventure where the party's goal is to take over the world by any means nessesary.

sounds fun, but you need to flesh out the whole world, the standing armies, the important lieutenants, tactics terrain, and other big bads.
you have to be repaired with every type of soldier each army uses, the full stats, and back-story of major political figures, generals, and dragons. The inhabitants and resources of each region.
And a system for the economic gains of a nation.