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Now, here in america we have  presidential elections where we get to choose between two lackluster candidates. But we have a miss america pageant where we find contestants who are so pretty their worth leaving your wife for. We find fifty of these women every year. Now suppose a fantasy society had a beauty pageant every year and picked one high charisma type. These winners stand on a magical disk that makes them a sorceror and then receive 4 years of training  before joining the magical oligarchy that rules. Most girls win the pageant at 16 and by 20 are junior members of the oligarchy with a few campaigns under  their belts. Do the pcs get jobs as their entourage or something? Do all sorcerors automatically belong to the oligarchy? Because of high charima is this automatically a popular government? Due to chaotic nature of sorcerors is the government always in turmoil? When drawing up the city you should replace the aristocrat class with more sorcerors.
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