misplaced magic door

Hello world.
Last night I DMed a game for my friends, currently a level 2 party, and I think I may have made a grave mistake.  you see, one of the players had to leave temporarily to do something or other, and the game slowed down to a near stop. so, in an effort to keep it going, I threw some random traps at them: a statue came out of the wall and threw a javelin, the ceiling caved in (illusory) another statue appeared with a gold trinket that melted into nothingness on touch, orange and blue portals opened up and transported one of them in an infinite loop, and so on. then they noticed the door, and I had to stall for the other player. so the door became a magic door. One player trieed to reason with it in draconic, so it became a draconic-speaking magic door. one of them kicked the door, failed, and so the door hated him. the door ended up saving them all and became a permanent part of the central hub of the campaign, but is really overpowered for a level 2 party, even one with only 3 PCs. 
halp plz
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