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Now, over the years i've based adventures off the idea of population explosions or migrations. I'm also a fan of movies based off the idea of giant animals. So, how about some thoughts on " Attack of the Giant Caterpillars" ?
phase one
A volcano that erupts once per century begins to erupt and launch caterpiller eggs all over the empire.
phase two
The eggs hatch into 1 inch long caterpillars. these caterpillars have a head spike and a coat of poisonous hair like the poisonous hair on some tarantulas. These caterpillars eat 100 times their own weight and double in size dailly.
phase three
Eventually these these grow to be small size or 40LBS. The head spike is the equal of a dagger. the party is called in by one of the factions, Farmers or Nobles. A 40 lb caterpillar eats 4000 LBS or 2 tons of food a day , This will devastate farms in their path.
phase four
The caterpillars reach 6 feet in length and 200 pounds in weight. They eat 20000 pounds or 10 tons of food a day. the caterpillars begin the " March of the Caterpillars". Their poisonous hair and head spikes that now do damage like a short sword make them a dangerous herd.
phase five
The caterpillars form coccoons of a magical , expensive silk. Which is what the Nobles want to harvest.
phase six
The coccoons hatch into medium sized yet deadly moths, something like a Gloomwing. the gloomwings mate and drop their eggs into the volcano.
Now for some notes on the factions.
Hate the caterpillars for eating up tons of crops. don't care if the " Frass" is good fertilizer for next years crops
the nobles make fortunes off gathering the coccoons for their magical silk.
The clerics consider the march of the caterpillar a holy event of life-death -renewal.
The druids consider this part of mother nature way.
So, how do the pcs get hooked in ? Kill the caterpillars to save the farms? Gather coccons for money,coccoons no good once the larva disolve them? For the preisthood Kill poachers who commit sacrilege by killing caterpillars or take a coccoons? Just a few thoughts on a mini-campaign.
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