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Queen of the Interwebz Pitz

I am very proud that my April Fool's article, Queen of the Interwebz Pits, was accepted for publication on the website!  There is no subscription needed to view the article.  If you liked it, be sure to leave a comment on the article gate, or in the official discussion thread.  I really like the idea of the Interwebz as a demiplane for humorous adventures, and would love to hear people's ideas for explanding this concept, if there's sufficient interest.

Also, many thanks to Jason Thompson for the kick-ass illustration of LOLth, demon goddess of the Interwebz (and check out his other April Fools submissions -- Walkthrough Map: White Plume Mountain and Walkthrough Map: Tomb of Horrors)!

Please be sure to check out my non-humorous article (okay, semi-humorous) on Hyrsam, Prince of Satyrs, which will also be published in ths upcoming Dragon Magazine issue 422!  (Though that will be behind the paywall!)  It's my first time being published in Dragon, fulfilling a childhood dream, and crossing off another line on my bucket list.

Don't worry. The regular Heroes of Blogging article will be published tomorrow.

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