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I've been playing D&D since 1985 and I've tried every edition.  I was upset at the timing of 5th edition, because 4th edition seemed to be reaching maturity for itself.  There were many key supplements, and it reminded me of when 3rd edition came out as the wizards' and priests' spell compendiums for 2nd edition were just being released.  At that time, it seemed like 2nd edition was ready some of its best days, and I doubt 4th will ever get a chance to go where it could.  Maybe it will be continued like 3 is with Pathfinder, but market-share will be rather divided with fans of that plus 4 plus those who go for 5.  There is nothing you can do but continue making your own adventures, and sharing your enthusiasm in forums online like this one, and also at conventions.  I always enjoy seeing events at GEN CON, for example, for older editions of D&D, that there are still big fans of those classic games and rules.  The game is intended to let us carry our stories, "until we get tired of telling stories for our characters", and it is seldom a bad thing to continue with the same rules you like.  It's completely your decision, and I am sure Wizards has heard you loud and clear.
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