Everyday I'm shuffling!

I can remember when I first started playing Magic.  I was in middle school, a friend of mine had told me about a gaming catalog from a (now closed) Wargames West. 

After saving up a small amount of money, I purchased two starter decks of Unlimited.  Unfortunately, Unlimited was sold out already - instead they sent me two decks of Revised.

I can still remember questions we had about the rules, "how many creatures can a wall block?", "What does protection from black do?" as well as "Oh my god, look how awesome Craw Wurm is!"

I think I was a "spike" all along though (while being a little bit of a "johnny") - it was always about winning, and wanting to be the best.  I remember the first "friendly" tournament that a group of friends and I had, I played a blue/green deck involving Unstable Mutation, Wolly Mammoths, and Scrib Sprites.

The concept was very simple - Play a forest, then a scrib sprite  Then play an island next turn and throw a mutation on it, and attack for 4 on 2nd turn.   Too bad I hadn't learned yet about proper mana allocations at that point, as I got mana hosed.  

Shortly after, I had started reading some of the "pro tour" magic books that were being released - I think that those helped me quite a bit in building up my foundation.  I won a tournament at a FLGS playing a deck I called "Empty Hands are Happy Hands" that focused on first turn swamp, dark ritual, and then  hypnotic specter, or the occasioal Swamp, dark rit, dark rit, mind twist.

Time (and sets) went on.

I took a short break for the Mirrodin Set - I didn't like the way it looked and was a bit burned out at that point (one of the FLGS was closing too - so I was in search of a new one).

Which I found - for a long time I called "Sam's Cards and Comics" my game store.  Playing in FNM with the guys there.  I played pretty much non-stop through till Morningtide was relased.  At that point, I had some major changes going on in my life.  I had met my fiance, money was starting to be more of a factor, and I had been taking classes full time.

When things started to pick up, I found that the game store I knew and loved had closed down (the owner closing to take over his father's buisness).  And I stayed away.

That was until recently, the return to ravinica has driven me to want to play again, and once again pick up the mantel of cardboard jockey 
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