Winter Fantasy Preview: EPIC5-1


With Winter Fantasy 2013 less than a week away, we're overdue for some previews and promotions here on the LFR Community Blog. To start things off, we present a brief interlude that leads in to EPIC5-1 Plaguewrought Prism, courtesy of Epic Campaign co-developer Keith Richmond.

The WeavePasha says, “The Hungering Dark, a threat to all of Creation, has just emerged in the Vilhon Wilds. The time for planning has passed, and we must now turn to you for action. Still, let us go over the plan one more time, for sanity’s sake.”

Taliss Muirwood speaks, “The Hungering Dark cannot be destroyed. It adapts to any threat. However, it has not yet encountered Spellplague energy. Even if it had, the very nature of the energy constantly changes. It is the perfect weapon to use against the abomination.”

“The Plaguewrought Lands, the largest known plagueland, are the closest and best source. We have devised a ritual to gather and focus that energy in vast amounts, so it can be channeled at the Hungering Dark as a weapon.”

The WeavePasha adds, “Doing so will require a focusing lens of immense power. I have obtained a means of summoning the fabled Pandemonium Stone. Using it, the Hungering Dark can be weakened.”

Coronal Ilsevele Miritar stands. “Once weakened, it should be possible to imprison it long enough to cast it back into Carceri. Thankfully, we have a perfect prison already: the Calimemnon Crystal.”

“It will be necessary to first empower the Crystal with life force. The best life forces available being those we originally designed it to contain, Calim and Memnon’s.” The coronal sits, gesturing to Tyrangal to continue.

Tyrangal shakes her head, as if distracted, then says, “Therefore, we need one group of champions to strike into the Plaguewrought Lands, summon the Pandemonium Stone, and perform a ritual to strike at the Hungering Dark.”

“Simultaneously, a different group needs to defeat Calim and Memnon, then bring the empowered Crystal to the Vilhon Wilds to imprison the Hungering Dark as the spellplagued energy strikes it.”

Dernan Moonbrow appears both worried and embarrassed. “We had hoped more would respond to the call, that more could accompany you. The gods have apparently already interfered too much in recent days, so we cannot count on their direct assistance. I wish I were more powerful, but I do not expect I would last more than a moment against the threats you will face. Unfortunately, with so few, it will be necessary for you to split your party.”

EPIC5-1 Plaguewrought Prism
When faced with a threat that even the gods fear, the powers of Faerun turn to you. Unfortunately, there is far too much to do in what little time remains. You have only split seconds to prevent the coming apocalypse. A three-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Epic Campaign adventure for 27th-level characters.

Winter Fantasy
January 24-27, 2013
Grand Wayne Center - Fort Wayne, IN

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