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D&D Before

Recently, I have been looking over the Design & Development articles that were published in the run-up to Fourth Edition and it occurred to me that it would be useful to see whether the goals that the designers set for themselves were met, and whether they will be carried into the Next iteration of D&D.  Partly inspired by Style75's discussion thread, the idea of D&D Before was born.  In this ten-part series of articles, I will look at each of the Design & Development articles released in the early part of Fourth Edition.  I stop when the articles begin discussing materials that are to be introduced in the Players Handbook 2, like the bard and barbarian.

Fourteen designers wrote articles for Fourth Edition.  Remarkably, all three of the lead developers for Next -- Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, and James Wyatt -- were among them.  After analyzing the current designers' "before" articles, I will look at the other developers' articles, also by author.  By grouping the articles by designer, I hope to get a sense of each designer's preferences and personal style.  
1. Introduction
2. Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford
3. James Wyatt
4. Rob Heinsoo
5. Peter Schaefer
and Matthew Sernett
6. Bruce R. Cordell
7. Chris Sims 
8. Rich Baker and Logan Bonner
9. Stephen Radney-McFarland
10. Andy Collins

This initial installment will serve as a general index and table of contents for all the articles to follow. Welcome to D&D Before! Please feel free to add coments below, or in the related discussion thread.

4e Designers Working on D&D Next

Jeremy Crawford

Other 4e Designers 

Chris Sims
Demons & Devils
Zombies (Part 2)

Richard Baker

Critical Hits
Magic Item Slots

Stephen Radney-McFarland
The Importance of Terrain
Paladin Smites

Andy Collins
Magic Item Levels
Death and Dying

A note on the photos I use.  All are taken either from the author's own blog, Wikipedia, the Wizards' website, or screen captures of YouTube videos of interviews they have given.  If any of the authors herein do not want their likeness used, you may PM me or leave a comment on the blog and I will remove it.

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