Gambits and Desolation


We're very pleased to announce that CORE4-3 Running Amok, by LFR Global Admin Pieter Sleijpen, is now available for download from

We also recently released the second adventure in the Year 4 Elturgard trilogy: ELTU4-2 The Iriaebor Gambit by Amanda Holdridge. This adventure follows the events of ELTU4-1, which was released earlier this month.

Both of these adventures are for characters of the Heroic tier. Here's some more information about them:

CORE4-3 Running Amok
by Pieter Sleijpen

For years the tenuous peace between Netheril and Cormyr held. For years the city of Urmlaspyr, last remnant of free Sembia, lay in between. Now something stirs in the darkest places of the city. Citizens run amok without apparent cause, wielding shadow powers they did not have before. What could cause these otherwise peaceful people to go into a murderous frenzy? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Urmlaspyr for characters of the Heroic tier (levels 1-10).

This adventure is part of Chapter 1 of the Desolation series. Chapter 1 includes four Heroic tier adventures that can be played in any order, leading up to the chapter's conclusion in CORE5-1. The other three parts are SPEC4-5, CORE4-4, and CORE4-5. You can play the first four adventures in any order, but you should try to play them with the same character, and you should try to play all four parts before you play CORE5-1. The Desolation series also includes Paragon tier adventures (starting with SPEC4-6). It is not expected that a player can follow both tracks with the same PC.

ELTU4-2 The Iriaebor Gambit
by Amanda Holdridge

There is turmoil in Iriaebor and some faction in the city wants to ensure that it continues unabated. Merchants are being slaughtered, their bodies displayed in the streets. Would the Dusk Talons be willing to go that far to keep their city free from the gauntleted grip of Elturel's Order of Torm? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Elturgard for characters of the Heroic tier (levels 1-10).

This adventure is the second part of a trilogy. We recommend playing ELTU4-1, ELTU4-2, and ELTU4-3 in order with the same character, if possible. (If you are planning to attend Winter Fantasy 2013 -- and we hope you are! -- then you will also want to try and play all three parts of the trilogy before that convention, for reasons that will soon become clear.)

A few more words about the Desolation series are probably in order, since the way we have described both the series as a whole and the individual adventures within the series has changed a bit over the past few months.

The Desolation series is a major, world-shaking plot arc for LFR that will include adventures in both 2012 and 2013. The series is organized into multiple Chapters, each of which may include multiple adventures within a single tier. Chapter 1 is for the Heroic tier; Chapter 2 is for the Paragon tier. These two Chapters are assumed to take place at roughly the same time in the campaign world, and we do not expect a player to be able to play both the Heroic tier Chapter 1 adventures and the Paragon tier Chapter 2 adventures with the same PC.

Chapter 1 includes a total of five Heroic tier adventures. The first four adventures can be played in any order; they explore individual events that are all important to the overall story, but that don't need to be experienced in any particular sequence. These four adventures are SPEC4-5 (which premiered at Gen Con), CORE4-3, CORE4-4, and CORE4-5. Chapter 1 concludes with the adventure CORE5-1, and we recommend that you try to play the first four parts before playing CORE5-1 if you can (but this is not required). CORE4-4 will be released soon after CORE4-3, in October. Our goal is to release CORE4-5 in November or December of 2012, and for CORE5-1 to premiere at Winter Fantasy 2013. There are (completely optional) bonus rewards that you can earn if you play three or more of the adventures in Chapter 1 with the same character.

Chapter 2 of the series is for Paragon tier characters. It begins with SPEC4-6 (which premiered at Gen Con). We aren't yet certain how many more adventures there will be in Chapter 2, but the next one won't be released until after Winter Fantasy 2013, so you can focus on playing the Chapter 1 adventures for now. (We'll have a lot more information about all our Winter Fantasy 2013 premiere adventures coming soon, and at Winter Fantasy we'll be announcing the first few months of our full-year 2013 release schedule. Rest assured that we are not scaling back LFR in any way despite the ongoing development of D&D Next -- the LFR plan for 2013 is full steam ahead!)

Hopefully that helps dispel any confusion about which adventures are part of the Desolation series and what the difference is between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Of course, as always, you can ask us any and all questions on the Community Forums. Thanks for your support of Living Forgotten Realms... and we hope you enjoy these new adventures!

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