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Secondary: Skill Points

This is the fifth in my series of articles detailing a completely modular skill system that is not too complicated for new players. In part one, I introduced the concept of the system, and also explained how the Background system currently in the Playtest Packet would fit in seamlessly with my expended module. In the second, I explained the two options that are easier to apply but allow for less customization than Backgrounds. In the third, I introduced my version of Skills, which allow you, essentially, to make your own Custom Background. The articles in this series are:

Secondary: Intro and Backgrounds
Secondary: Abilities and Subabilities
Secondary: Skills
Secondary: Proficiencies
Secondary: Skill Points

The last component of this modular system is the wildest option of all.  Right now, we have five options: Abilities, Subabilities, Backgrounds, Skills, and Proficiencies.  Right now, it is expected that the group as a whole will decide what options are available to the player characters and then each player will choose one option for that player's character.  But what if you had a system that let each player opt multiple systems at first level, and every time they gained a level?

Welcome to the Skill Point Option.
And Now, a Warning....
Because this may allow a character to achieve bonuses other characters could not, the DM must pay careful attention to the use of Skill Points to preserve game balance.  Players will be very tempted to try to develop characters who can stack a Subability on top of a Skill on top of a Proficiency, for maximum potential.  If that is the sort of game you enjoy, then have fun.  But for games that seek a bit more parity between trained and untrained characters, this could be a good reason to disallow use of the Skill Point Option.
This section clocks in at 550 words.  Altogether, the entire Skill Section I outline would comprise about 4,400 words, which, with art, may come to about 15 pages of a rulebook.  I think that is about right for a section on skills, and offers game tables a variety of options in an easy-to-digest format.  I hope you enjoyed this series!

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