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NPC's (too much detail?)

Here is the 411,

I love creating NPC's but i feel i might be putting too much effort into back story, character details etc...

are detailed npc's healthy, or is too much of a good thing bad?
generally i will have basic history of character -

Kamroc, half - orc, came to town 5 yrs ago, 39 years old, large build, has a scar across his right eye, helps with getting rid of drunkards at the "crazy kobold" and is looking at moving towns but cannot aford to leave yet due to a debt he needs to pay off for punching a nobleman

I just feel it brings the character to life rather than

Kamroc, half- orc, works at "crazy kobold", late 30's, large build

how much detail should go into non- essential NPC's?
  and how much should go into key NPC's?

For essential i normally go into further detail (why they came to town, more descprition, how the fight started etc...)

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