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Prison World

Ok, so the concept is simple; tens of thousands of years ago, this planet/dimensional plane was used as a high security prison for creatures that found their way into Race X's world/reality. They were brought here and imprisoned (Race X does not believe in killing). The very early dragon born were trained/taught/forced to act as prison guards. The front of the "pit" is the lesser beings and way in the back (heavy security) are the demi gods and bad bad things... Pace of discovery should keep pace with level advancement.

So a large group (conclave) of wizards found it and are starting to dig it out, but found some creatures along the way thus the call for our group of heros. Why the prison creatures are mostly still alive involves matter transfer and crystals... but if opened wrong or poorly it can also lead to conscience transfer and posession... so anyway, enough about me:

Here is where I need help and my lack of experience is evident:

1. What race is a bunch of transdimensional beings that would have this kind of power and either have been alive this long or move through time.
2. Where can I find a list of beings that hop dimensions so I can fill my prison
3. Is there a good book that would have a conclave like the one that found the prison so I can draw on their internal politics?

Anyone have some ideas or places I can look? I am just finishing up their language tonight so I can start marking the maps and buildings. 
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