List of Book Club Books

I thought I would post a list of all the books we've read here so we could see just how far we've come!  Special thanks to all the authors who participated in almost every single Book Club discussion.

1. Downshadow, Erik Scott de Bie
2. City Under the Sand, Jeff Mariotte
3. The God Catcher, Erin Evans
4. The Temple of the Yellow Skulls, Don Bassingthwaite
5. Sword of the Gods, Bruce Cordell
6. Unbroken Chain, Jaleigh Johnson
7. Unbroken Chain: The Darker Road, Jaleigh Johnson
8. The Shard Axe, Marsheila Rockwell
9. Shadowbane, Erik Scott de Bie
10. City of the Dead, Rosemary Jones
11. Circle of Skulls, James P. Davis
12. Brimstone Angels, Erin Evans
13. Mistshore, Jaleigh Johnson
14. Skein of Shadows, Marsheila Rockwell
15. Shadowbane: Eye of Justice, Erik Scott de Bie
16. Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils, Erin Evans
17. The Captive Flame, Richard Lee Byers
18. The Last Threshold, R.A. Salvatore
19. The Companions, R.A. Salvatore
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