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Having some issues making a new Deity.

Okay I been working on a new deity since no one has thought it up. I got a lot of details worked out with my older brother and mentor, but I feel like he is doing all the work and not me. So I been working on it alone. Now I am stuck on how powerful her weapon is. Its a tuning fork, and 6ft tall, 25lbs, made of creation sung crystalline adamant. Its element is music. Not just what bards play, but the music of the universe. How each note is a event in someone's life. I know I am making this a little to beefed up, but she is weaker then a lvl 1 goblin against a level 20 arch-mage. Though she is divine and has her voice as back up, its actually her voice that gives the weapon its power.

Well onto the dice. Its pretty basic on physical damage. Just add two more die to what you would normally roll for a mace and a lance. (Double the die if both prongs hit.) Now for the special effects. In her hands its right up there with the weapons of light. Except for one thing. It has a special ranged attack that erases the target is it fails its saves. In a normal character's hands its a DC25 fort save+ 1/ 2levels in exalted bardic classes. With her its just dead. (If it is not a god/dess its just dead.) Now there is a few set backs to a normal person using it. It has 32 charges per character, and it eats away at the characters vocal cords till they turn to dust. The charges do not change if a different user wields it for any period of time. So if character A used 10 charges that person is raspy, and even if character B used it till their vocal cords turned to dust character A still has 22 charges left. Now you have to make a performance check each time you use it. DC varies depending on DC of target. Figure targets level+10+anything extra like force fields or protection from instant-kills. (Those who allow it.)

But her is a interesting extra effect it gives the wielder. The wielder as long as he/she holds the tuning fork they have a +5 to Cha(stackable). Lord help the person who is going up against a bard with that.

If you would like to use the deity in one of your games please feel free to ask for her stats and special effects. I would like to see how well she plays in a more open world. Back story and all that jazz can be added if you like. Just don't go stealing credit for it. I been working on her so I can send it to WoTC to be added to the deities and demi-gods book.
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