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some updated info

I was building a system in Filemaker Go but didn't have the guts to show it to Bill S. at GenCon 2010. I stopped using FMP/FMG for characters because typing up all the powers is a pain in the arse and I couldn't see an easy way to tie that it, since there are 300 zillion class combinations. I'm now using i4e and would love to trade FMP/FMG files with other users in the community.

At first blush, my long time D&D compatriots were dismayed at how everything in 4e can be skinned, but my point is if you want to be a creative roleplayer, who cares about the skeletal framework of how powers and classes work? You can be anyone, and do anything, so if you like roleplaying, BRING IT. The system is there to put everyone on even footing, but I don't find the constraints limiting. DMs can always bend the rules to help characters fit the story. As long as everyone's having fun, it's ok to add things to the game that WotC left out (cursed items, unlisted skills, etc)

I feel burned by WotC moving to a new system D&D NEXT without giving 4e a shot. If 3.x players left you for Paizo, you're not getting them back by sucking up to them this late in the game, after they've already spent hundreds of $$$ on rulebooks. It's far better to bring more people into the 4e fold and keep it vibrant. Alas, the decisions have already been made without my input. Figures. 

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