CB Tweaks while 4e is still here?

First off, thanks for the invitation to the group.  Love what I've read so far.

I started right in the middle of the 1st ed AD&D/2nd ed changeover, and have played every version since.  I avoided 4e when it first came out, because I heard rumors it had turned D&D into an MMORPG.  After playing it for several years now, though (and running lots of Encounters), I can honestly say it's the best edition I've ever played.

By giving everyone various types of powers, they made every class, every player feel like they could DO something all the time.  The first D&D Game day I attended w/ 4e blew me away... I have a 1st lvl wizard with 24 HP?!?  It was great.  At-Will powers were fantastic, and bigger powers had the same sort of once-a-day feel that older versions had.  I felt like my character was actually a HERO.  As they moved forward, there were a few missteps along the way, but they were very pro-active about errating stuff to make it not broken (as much as I whined when my lvl 15 cleric lost the ability to do ridiculous damage over a huge area with his Turn Undead power, I understood why they toned it down in area and damage).  

Now the writing is on the wall that D&DNext is their new cash cow, so I'm just hoping and praying we can get as much done for 4e before they stop developing new stuff for it.  Not that I imagine most of this will ever get done, but here are a few things on my 4e wishlist... all of which should be minor programming things for Character Builder... 

- normalization of themes in CB.  There are lots of great themes, but the Dark Sun ones from earlier are harder to read than the newer ones, which have everything spelled-out in the theme description box.
- support for weirder rules... i.e., if a theme lets you create a weapon, there should be a way to equip that weapon so the rest of CB will calculate your stats properly (Unseelie Agent theme)
- sortability of backgrounds.  There are basically two types of Backgrounds: the normal ones (+2 to a skill or add a skill to your class list) and the advanced ones (like most of the Forgotten Realms ones, or a few of the Scales of War ones, all of which give you multiple things... "add class skills AND get a bonus to them", or "calculate your HP differently", or "gain resistance to these 3 damage types", etc).  Put a filter in the CB so we can ignore the lesser ones and go straight to the useful ones.
- printout of basic weapon stats.  If a character has multiple weapons, it'd be handy to have a listing on the printed character sheet of what the proficiency bonus, damage, & traits of the weapons are, so you can do the math when you swap out weapons.
- addition of HP bonuses to powers.  When an item (healers brooch, weapon of healing, etc) grants a bonus to the number of HP you can heal, mark that somewhere on the card for that healing power.
- paragon/epic class suggestions.  It's a minor thing, but if I've got a Str-based cleric, maybe list the Str-based paragon classes first.  I know enough of them that I can kind of skip the ones I know won't match a particular build, but a lot of my players who are newer to 4e have no clue, and end up spending lots of time reading things that really aren't at all appropriate for their stat builds.

As far as any books or other products that might make it out before they cut off 4th ed, as long as they're as amazing as the latest Into the Unknown, I'll have no complaints.  Oh, and FYI, let me pimp the Tome Show podcast (#196) about that Into the Unknown book... since I was a guest on that show.  As they say in the podcast, if books like Into the Unknown had come out at the start of 4e, we wouldn't be talking about D&DNext right now. 

I suppose this is just a hopeful musing at this point, but the programming can't be that hard to just tweak the 4e CB a little before they shut the lights out on it and move all their tech support folks over to whatever the Next CB will look like. 
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