Putting 4th ed into 5th edition.

Hello!  I'm Matthew, and thanks for welcoming me to the group.

There are several things I don't like about 4th edition character building:

-Everybody at every level had to have X number of Daily powers, Y Encounter powers, and Z Utility powers.

-You couldn't get duplicates. 

-Character types had a narrow focus.

-Many powers were limited in mechanical ways, for no in-game reason.
You can create 4 pillars, each 5' across.  Want to make 5 smaller pillars?  Want to make one big pillar?  Want to make a bridge instead of a pillar?  Too bad.

 A lot of 3.5E players had the same problems I did.

 But here's the thing: Those are easy to fix. 

 Rather than make a 4.5E, they threw out a bathtub full of babies with the bathwater.  What they're making now would have been a big improvement over 3.5, but they had all of these good ideas in 4.0 that they're discarding.  I really don't want to see those go, and the people who got over the weaknesses of 4.0 and loved the strengths are not going to like 5e at all.

 My idea is:

 Make levels of powers- you get three 3st level powers at 1st level, one 2nd level power at 4th level, one 3rd level power at 7th level, etc.  At 20th level, you would have:

 6 first, 5 2nd, 4 3rd, 4 4th, 3 5th 2 6th, and 1 7th level powers.

Powers are a mix of At-will, encounter, daily, utility, and ritual powers.  Want all utility powers?  Go ahead.  Want all dailies?  Go for it. Want duplicates?  No problem. Many powers would be upgradable, for the cost of an additional power.

For example, let’s say Fireball as a daily is a 2nd level Warlock power.  If you want Fireball as an encounter power, it ends up costing a 2nd and a 3rd level power. If you want Fireball as at will power, it ends up costing a 2nd, 3rd, and 5th level power. If you want to cast it silently, it costs an extra 3rd level power. It sounds weird, but it does work, and it keeps you from having a deck of cards. 

Would that be easy to make?  Sure. 

Would 4.0E people enjoy it?  I hope so.

Could you have some characters doing this, and others using 5E style characters, in the same game?  I don't see why not. 

Is Wizards of the Coast going to do this?  Nope.

So why am I doing this?  I guess I'm hoping that WoTC will do it if we scream loud enough. If they don't do it, I hope that we could make our own supplement to do it.  And if we don't do that, well, at least I got a chance gripe about it.

Thanks for listening!

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