Questions from the PAX East Panel

Not attending PAX East, but having watched the video seminar, here are the questions I would have liked to have seen asked:

  • Roles - In 4e, Class Features and Attack Powers were designed around fulfilling a primary role in combat, which emphasizes working together as an adventuring party (rather than it devolving into simply "casters with sidekicks"). Will Class Features & Powers continue to be designed with specific Roles in mind?
  • Skills - In many RPG systems, Skills are a way of reflecting training in certain fields of ability and knowledge. Given MM's comments about the "core" not having a skill system in the vein of 3e/4e, do you foresee adding a more extensive skill system as a rules option? (I can see some settings, notably Eberron's pulp-action-noir flavor, strongly benefitting from such a system.)
  • Magic - To what extent is Vancian-style magic going to be the default? I would hope that - even for Wizards and Clerics - it would not be the default magic system.
  • Subclasses - To what extent do you foresee the use of subclasses (or kits)? Are (e.g.) all arcane spellcasters going to be Wizard subclasses, or will they be their own classes? (The more subclasses lumped under a parent class, the less inherent meaning the parent class has due to dilution.)
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