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Collateral Spell Damage

If so, spell resistance could be debilitating.  However, I have a solution, which was developed by my wife and I: collateral spell damage.

Any spell that causes damage directly, should also have a means for causing damage or conditions indirectly and specific mechanics to guide a DM in adjudicating this collateral effect.  So, if a spellcaster is up against a creature with spell resistance or spell immunity, perhaps casting lightning bolt would be ineffective, but casting lightning bolt on the limestone cavern ceiling above the creature might bury it in rubble.  Ice spells might freeze the moisture in the air rather than the creature.  Fire spells might soften floors. 

By granting spells a secondary, less effective but not ineffective way to affect otherwise resistant or immune creatures, you offer spellcasters a way to remain in the fray, much as I offered a way to keep weapon-users in the fray against damage resistant creatures.

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