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My Eberron Video

So, being Jewish, it's always a question of how we're going to spend Christmas Day.  We're not going to church, obviously, and there are no presents under the tree (because there's no tree).  Even though this Christmas is also the fifth day of Channukah, that's kind of like the "hump day" of Channukah.  Other than lighting some candles at sundown, there's not much to do.

So it's been sort of a holiday tradition for me to run a "one-shot" D&D session for anybody else who doesn't have family plans for that day.  In the past, I've had players play animated magic items, amnesiac clones, and other unusual story concepts. 

This year, my wife requested that we play in Eberron for our Christmas special.  So I've decided to run the Heart of the Forbidden Forge adventure by Luke Johnson from Dungeon 167.  I've also decided to have all the players play changelings.  (I'm informally calling them the "Doppel Gäng".

As an additional treat, I used Windows Live Movie Maker, the Art Gallery for the 4e Eberron books and for the adventure, as well as the opening text for the adventure and from the Eberron Home Page.  I added music from the "Cut to the Chase" track from the Eberron Soundtrack (free samples here), and voila!  A "Heart of the Forbidden Forge" trailer.  I'm proud of the result, and so I present it here to you...

Merry Baker's Night, Everyone!

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