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3 Man Epic Party

Half-Orc Auspicious Birth Sohei Paladin/Kulkor Arms Master/Avatar of War
Str 28, Con 17, Dex 12, Int 15, Wis 18, Cha 10

Religion +18, Athletics +27, Endurance +21, Intimidate +18, Insight +22, Perception +17

War Axe Proficiency, Path of War, Blessed Strength, Mighty Challenge, Kulkor Arms Student, Battle Awareness
Contagious Challenge, Forceful Challenge, Deadly Axe, World Serpent's Grasp, Plate Specialization, Improved Defenses
Axe Mastery, Weakening Challenge

+4 Radiant War Axe, +5 Bloodiron Legion Plate, +5 Amulet of Double Fortune, 21, +4 Symbol of the Champion's Code, +2 Bradaman's Longsword, Boots of Quickness (Heroic), Circlet of Indomitability (Heroic), 4800 gp

Valiant Strike: Str +1/adjacent enemy vs AC, 2W+str
Forbidding Strike: Str vs AC, 1W+str and one adjacent ally gets Resist All 10 UEonT
Divine Challenge/Sanction: see text, 31 radiant damage (22 sanction) and slide 1 and sanction adjacent enemy and weaken for triggering attack

Icy Clutches: Str vs AC, 2W+str cold and knock prone and divine sanction UEonT and if target stands while sanctioned trigger sanction
Radiant Charge: Charge but only fly 4, Str vs AC, 3W+str radiant and divine sanction UEonT
Crescent Moon: Ranged 5, Str vs Ref, 2W+str radiant and divine sanction UEonT
Arms Master Challenge: Make MBA vs 2 adjacent enemies and divine sanction a third enemy within 5 UEonT
Call of Challenge: minor, enemies burst 3, divine sanction UEonT
Tempered in Blood: free after bloodied, spend second wind
Half-Orc Resilience: free when first bloodied, gain 15 THP
Bradaman's: minor, UEoE when using divine challenge, target 2 creatures
Sohei Flair: minor, Str vs AC, 1W damage
Channel Divinity: Divine Strength (minor, +9 damage on next attack) OR Path of War (minor, all allies within 5 get +2 to hit UEonT)
Furious Assault: free when hit with an attack, +1W (or +1d8) damage

Visage of Sorrow: enemies burst 2, Str vs Will, 3d8+Str psychic and divine sanction UEonT; effect: +2 all defenses against melee and ranged UEoE
Knightly Intercession: immediate interrupt when enemy within 10 hits ally with melee or ranged, enemy attacks you instead then you pull enemy adjacent to you and attack: Str vs AC, 2W+str and divine sanction UEoE
Holy Outrage: Str vs AC, 3W+str, effect: UEonT whenever hitting with melee, all other adjacent enemies take 4 radiant; sustain minor
Tempered in Steel: enemies burst 1, Str vs AC, 3W+Str and knock prone
Shadow Healing: minor, regain hp as if spending surge and make a save and cannot spend surges until next rest
Healing Font: minor, spend surge and you and one ally within 5 regain hp equal to your surge
Bless Weapon: minor, UEoE gain +1 power to hit +1d6 radiant damage and crit on 18-20 vs creatures vulnerable to radiant
Return to the Living: free when reduced to 0 but not killed; heal 1 hp and spend up to 4 healing surges

Speak common, elven
+1 saves vs dominated, dazed, stunned or fear
+2 speed when charging
When hitting, gain +2 item to AC UEonT vs that target
When hitting a creature granting CA with an axe, that creature grants CA USonT
On action point, if miss with all attacks, re-roll one attack
When hitting a slowed, immobilized or restrained target, knock that target prone.
Once per round when knocking a target prone, make a free MBA against it.
Crit: 19-20, +4d6+3d12 damage
Never grant combat advantage


Tiefling (spellscar) Rejected Inheritance Scholar Psion (Telepathy Focus)/Dreamwalker/Radiant One
Str 10, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 26, Wis 15, Cha 20

13 Power Points

History +26, Bluff +23, Arcana +24, Religion +24, Nature +24, Stealth +14

Hellfire Blood, Elan Heritage, Boon of the Made, Font of Radiance, Plaguing Bloodhunt, Imperious Majesty
Accurate Staff Proficiency, Staff Expertise, Unarmored Agility, Improved Defenses, Psychic Lock, Psychic Corruption of Malbolge
Epic Fortitude, Psion Implement Expertise

+5 Magical Efreetweave, +5 Deeppocket Cloak, +5 Staff of Ruin w/ Siberys Shard of the Mage (Paragon), Resplendent Gloves (Paragon), Headband of Intellect (Heroic) 178000gp

Mind Lock: Ranged 10 (Augment 2: Area 1 within 10), Int vs Will, 1d8+Int psychic and slowed UEonT and has -2 to hit on next attack (Augment 1: and cannot shift UEonT)
Dishearten: Area 1 within 10, Int vs Will, 1d6+Int psychic and -2 to hit UEonT and -2 to hit on next attack (Augment 1: and cannot make AoO UEonT) (Augment 2: 2d6+Int psychic and -5 to hit UEonT)
Betrayal: Ranged 10, Int vs Will, slide 1 adjacent to another enemy then target makes MBA vs that enemy with +5 to hit (Augment 1: MBA gets +5 to damage as well; Augment 2: slide 5, MBA gets +5 to damage and target is dazed UEonT)
Manifest Dream Form: free when using a power point, conjure dream within 10, occupies square but you and allies can move through it, moves up to 6 when you move, see and hear and use powers as if in dream form's square, can flank, you gain CA against anything it flanks, can be attacked with your defenses, disappears if damaged, immune to your attacks, when using burst attack, may target additional creature adjacent to dream form even if outside of burst
Deep Pockets: 1/round, free, draw an item or store an item

Distract: minor, 3 targets ranged 10, grants CA against next attack UEonT
Send Thoughts: free ranged 20, send telepathic message of 25 words or less and target can respond in kind
Shared Recovery: free when ally within 5 regains hp or passes save, gain 16 THP
Intellect Fortress: interrupt when attacked, gain +5 power against one defense targetted UEonT
Dream Blade: One target (Augment 2: all enemies) adjacent to dream form within 5, can use manifest dream form if not already present, Int vs Ref, 2d8+Int psychic and -2 to hit next attack and squares adjacent to dream form become difficult terrain to enemies UEonT
Dream Stride: move, you and dream form teleport swapping positions
Elan Resilience: Interrupt when hit, reduce damage by 14 and Resist All 8 UEonT

Summon Mind Wierds: minor ranged 10, 3 summons, speed 8 phasing, each chooses a different prey and must be summoned next to prey, insubstantial to non-prety, standard: all 3 wierds: Int vs Will, 3d6+Int psychic and -2 to hit (save ends) and -2 to hit next attack, opportunity: all 3 wierds: Int vs Will 1d6+Int psychic and push 1 (3d6+int and no push vs prey)
Summon Thought Warrior: minor ranged 10, summon, speed 7, +4 AC, +2 Ref, standard: warrior shifts 1 then Int+2 vs AC, 1d10+Int psychic and slowed UEonT and marked UEonT and -2 to hit next attack; interrupt: when marked target moves or shifts, Int+2 vs AC, 1d10+Int pyschic and -2 to hit next attack and warrior shifts 1; opportunity: Int+2 vs AC, 1d10+Int psychic and -2 to hit next attack
Mind Blast: creatures blast 5, Int vs Will, stunned (save ends); miss: dazed UEonT
True Dream Form: ranged 20, summon, speed 6 fly 6 (hover), see and hear and use powers as if in form's square, can flank and you gain CA against anything it flanks, on turn it appears make following attack for free, Standard: Int vs Ref, 3d8+Int psychic and -2 to hit next attack and ongoing 5 psychic (save ends), Instinct: use unaugmented at-will power of your choice
Dimensional Shortcut: move, you and allies within 3 teleport 20 (all must appear within 7 of each other)
Through the Walls: standard, you and allies within 1 gain phasing UEonT, sustain minor
Dream Traveller: minor, gain insubstantial and phasing and weakened and +5 to stealth UEoE, dismiss minor
Intellect: minor, gain +2 power bonus to hit on next attack this turn

Can speak all languages, Telepathy 5, Immortal Origin
Can use Arcana (hard) to decipher encrypted code or magically disguised message.
+2 item on all monster knowledge checks
+1 to hit and +9 necrotic damage against bloodied targets
+1 to hit and +9 fire and radiant damage against targets granting CA
+3 damage vs Will
when augmenting a power, target gets Vuln 6 fire and Vuln 6 psychic to my powers UEonT
when hitting a target who has not yet acted, he has -5 to hit me UEonT
do not provoke AoO with ranged or area attacks
On action point: gain CA for action against any enemy adjacent to dream form
Crit: 19-20, +5d10 damage


Half-Elf (Grasping Shards) Aglarond Hospitaler Cleric/Morninglord/Shiradi Champion
Str 15, Con 23, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 28, Cha 12

Religion +16, Perception +27, Heal +25, Insight +27, Diplomacy +14

Plate Proficiency, Improved Defenses, Shielding Word, Solar Flare, Astral Symbol Proficiency, Coordinated Explosion
Versatile Master, Plate Specialization, Gamblers Word, Mark of Healing, Punishing Radiance, Torm's Radiance
Supreme Healing, Radiant Advantage

+5 Symbol of Sacrifice, +5 Legion Plate of Eyes, +5 Necklace, 225000gp

Grasping Shards: burst 1 within 10, wis vs fort, 1d10+wis radiant and slowed UEonT
Sacred Flame: ranged 5, wis vs ref, 2d6+wis radiant and one ally in sight makes a saving throw or gains 12 THP
Astral Seal: ranged 5, wis +2 vs Ref, target has -2 defenses UEonT and next ally who hits target heals 3 hp
Holy Lantern: Summon a floating lantern UEoExRest, allies within 5 have +2 power insight and perception

Armour of Eyes: Free when attacked with CA; do not grant CA for that attack.
Mantle of Glory: enemies blast 5, wis vs Will, 2d10+radiant; effect: allies in blast can spend a healing surge
Crown of Light: enemies area burst 1 centered on an ally within 10; ally gains +1 power to all defenses UEonT, wis vs Ref, 3d6+wis radiant
Starry Snare: ranged 10, wis vs Fort, 3d8+wis radiant and UEonT target is immobilized, cannot teleport and loses insubstantial
Pure Glow: enemies burst 5, wis vs will, 2d8+wis radiant; effect: USonT enemies starting turn in burst take 10 radiant damage
Shield of Devotion x2: reaction when ally within 5 takes damage from an enemy, ally regains 19 hp and you gain +2 power to hit triggering enemy UEonT
Shielding Word: interrupt when ally within 5 is hit, ally gains +4 power to AC UEonT

Supernal Radiance: enemies burst 5, wis vs Will, 2d10+wis radiant; effect: enemies in burst take ongoing 10 radiance cannot hide cannot benefit from concealment or invisibility (save ends all)
Tree of Creation: enemies burst 3, wis vs Will, 3d10+wis radiant; effect: creates zone UEonT; allies in zone have +2 power to Will and resist 5 psychic and can make saves vs dominate/daze/stun at start of turn as well as end; sustain minor: each enemy takes 1d6 radiant damage, must be in zone to sustain, may center zone on you each time you sustain it
Rebuke Violence: ranged 10, wis vs Will, target cannot attack (save ends) and target has a -5 penalty to the save until he is attacked by you or ally; miss: target cannot attack until end of next turn
Lance of Dawn: ranged 10, wis vs Will, 3d10+wis radiant; effect: 5 ongoing radiant (save ends), on failed save increase ongoing by 5
Rising Sun: minor, you and allies within 5 regain 6 hp; sustain minor, bloodied allies within 5 regain 1 hp
Battle Surge: you and each ally within 5 regains hp as if spending a surge and gains +2 power to hit UEonT
Godsight: minor, you or one ally within 5 gains truesight 5 UEoE
Bless: minor, you and all allies within 20 gain +1 power to hit UEoE

Can request food and lodging from any local temple or noble house.
Allies within 10 have +1 insight and diplomacy.
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