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Immortals of the Nonants

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Those immortals who shared one of the three cosmic planes often worked as equals.  The three races of immortals in the Astral Firmament became known as "Gods", the three races of the Prime Material became known as "Primordials", and the three races of the Chthonian Vault became known as "Chthonians".  Those immortals who shared one of the three pillars of reality become known as "hierarchies", though that is another tale.  In the beginning of the making of worlds, however, each trio of immortals appeared to attempt to work as equals.

The immortals of each juncture are the following:
Gods.  The three types of gods who trod the Astral Firmament are:

. These gods originated in the Dream Realm and include Pelor, Erathis, Bane, and Tharizdun.  The apotheothic deities tend to have domains that cover abstract concepts like "war", "honor", "civilization", and "dominion".  However, as time progressed, these gods took on domains unrelated to their original concepts.  Pelor, for instance, took dominion over the sun.

.  These gods originated in the Wellspring and include Moradin, Io, Imix, and Asmodeus.  Demiurgical deities tend to have domains that cover concepts of elemental potential, such as the churning elements, and the crucible of the forge.  Over time, these gods divided their concepts and took on more concrete concepts.  For instance, Moradin became god of smiths and dwarves.  Io of dragons and alchemy.  Asmodeus was a god of contracts and commerce.

.  These gods originated in the Celestial Canopy and include Corellon, Sehanine, Grummsh, and Lolth.  The Seldarine initially embodied natural concepts, like the seasons, weather, and heavenly bodies.  However, as time progressed, these gods took on domains unrelated to their original concepts.  Corellon, for instance, took dominion over magic.  Lolth became the goddess of fate.

.  The three types of primordials who shaped the Prime Material are:

.  These primoridals personification natural features, originated in the Feywild and include Hyrsam the Satyr Prince, Oran the Green lord, and Tiandra the Summer Queen. 

Exemplars.  These primordials personify concepts, originated in the Phrenic Realm and include Primus the Modrons' Master, Neumannus the Inevitables' Master, and Sophia the Prosopoetic Mistress.

. These primordials personify the elements, originated in the Maelstrom, and include the noble Aeraldoth, Byrakus, and Sisanthak.

Chthonians.  The three types of chthonians who dominate the Chthonian Vault are:

.  These chthonians originated in the Abyss and include the demon lords Orcus, Yeenoghu, Baphomet, and Demogorgon.  The demons personify the destructive aspects of the elements, although they have since branched out to other domoains.  Orcus, for instance, who began as an aspect of the decay of dead flesh, became a patron to the undead. 

.  These chthonians originated in the Roothold and include the Monarchs Baba Yaga, Connomae, and Thrumbolg.  They often manage aspects of death and decay.  Unlike their immortal counterparts, few of them have taken specific domains unto themselves.

Old Ones
.  These chthonians originated in the Deep Realm and include the entities Acamar, Caiphon, and Zhudun.  Many of them personify different aspects of madness and illusion, which some are simply beyond all comprehension.

In each Pillar and Plane, different creatures could be formed from the inchoate material the immortals found there.

From the divine essence of the Astral Firmament were created immortal creatures, including angels and deva.
From the primordial ooze of the Prime Material were created natural creatures, including humans and halflings, as well as all manner of beasts.
From the living darkness of the Chthonian Vault were created shadow creatures, including bladelings, shades, and nightmares.

From the ectoplasm of the Tower of Iron Will were created ethereal creatures, including inevitables, modrons, and memes.
From the pure anima of the World Tree, were created fey creatures, including elves, hags, pixies, satyrs, and all manner of magical beasts like unicorns and pegasi.
From the first matter of the Elemental Sea, were created elemental creatures, including archons, elementals, genasi and giants.

While most junctures produced thousands of immortals of varying levels of power, the tenth juncture -- Sigil -- appeared  to prpoduce only one immortal: the Lady of Pain.  If Sigil produced lesser powers to serve her, they have never been seen.  The Lady of Pain remained in her featureless dimension, a dimension of gates and doors that linked all the other dimensions.  In the time before the wars among the immortals, these doors and gates remained open to all, and she was known as the Lady of Hosts.

While the universe's creation began in a spirit of cooperation, friction soon developed.  Stuck between the Firmament above and the Vault below, the Primordials grew possessive and paranoid.  They tried to restict development even of the forms in the Tower of Iron Will, Elemental Seas, and World Tree that they were supposed to share with the other immortals.  At first, the gods and chthonians tolerated this arrangement.  As the middle tier, there was some logic to the primordials mediating disputes.  But as time went on, tensions mounted, and both the gods and chthonians believed that they were more fit to lead the immortals.  Violence between the immortals was seldom at first, but quickly escalated.  Eventually, it was clear that the status quo would not last.

When war eventually erupted, it would embroil the entire multiverse, but that is our next story...

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