Encounters Ending

I am discouraged. I showed up tonight to run a session of Encounters and had a a zero turnout. First time that's ever happened to me.

It left me wondering why is there such a backlash against 4e? I know I have been critical of 4e at times. But, the spirit was that of improvement; or at least that's how it was intended.

The crowd at the shop I run encounters at is pretty much anti-4e. But to be fair, the shop has had difficulties running Encounters in the past. Most of the earlier campaigns didn't even make it this far.

I wonder am I wasting my time and energy with 4e? I hate when I get like this, but the reality of the situation is that I still play D&D and I enjoy it.

I picked up a copy of MME today. Lots of cool items there, and I realized something.

I don't really have as good a grasp on the game as I would like. It seems like there is still so much to learn. I realize that I sat Essentials out, and many of the newer supplements make use of the newer rules. This is kinda disappointing, as I hoped my dollar would have gone farther with this edition.

I played D&D long before there were many others playing, at least in comparison to the numbers playing RPGs now. If 4e isn't cool, then neither was AD&D back in the day. And most people who subdivide the genres are missing the point. But I am starting to ramble...

I am not going to continue with Encounters. I have my own campaigns to worry about without having to teach people how to play the game. I have been neglecting my AD&D endeavors to keep Encounters going, and perhaps this is an opportunity to get going back at that.

I don't expect to play 5e. I just can't afford the investment. I may play, but am more than likely not going to DM. I figured I had a decade to DM with 4e, but the consensus is that that is not going to be the case before 5e is released. Why does all this speculation about 5e exist?

I am sick of edition wars, yet again. I am tired of people being elitist about which edition of D&D they play. Its all good. I have now played every edition of D&D ever made, and I can say that I have enjoyed them all.

Maybe, if I feel like bothering with a new group I might try Lair Assault, but that is kinda getting ahead of myself.

My home campaign is flourishing, and as well written as "Lost Crown of Neverwinter" was, it wasn't really my style. I haven't been running modules in 4e, with the exception of "Pyramid of Shadows" and I can clearly see why there aren't many modules being produced at this time. (Of course, with the exception of adventures being published on the DDI website).

In a way this is a relief, I thought I was going to have to stick this one out. Keep going and running 3 campaigns at the same time. That is just too much work for me, and with such a poor turnout tonight, I have an excuse to bail. Too bad though, there was potential in the starting group!

This entry isn't really intended as information. There isn't really any theories or profound insights here. I just needed to write something while my dinners in the oven...




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