Failure to Launch

Well, Neverwinter Game Day was canceled at my local Premier shop.

No biggie! Not angry, just disappointed. The thing that gets me though in this, is that the Campaign Setting failed to ship yesterday and today and is still MIA.

This is poor business, as had people actually signed up and showed up at the store for Game Day they would have been really disappointed. As it stands, only I am disappointed. Having decided to purchase the book for Game Day/Encounters I will now have to rethink whether or not its worth buying. Hopefully, this is not what is in store for me with Encounters; as I have read the adventure and quite like it. (I liked Gates of Neverdeath too, for what it's worth.)

They may be mainly skill challenges and encounters, but I figured the name of the event was "encounters" so for what it is I still like it.

Seriously WoTC, I know it's GenCon...But there are people who are out there, who despite being critical of 4e still want to support you. This was an embarrassment.

I seriously wonder about the future of D&D at times like this...

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