Psionics in the Astral

I was thinking last night, boy that was nice!

Seriously, though I thought about time and the durations of the effects in the Astral and then I got to thinking. If the body's metabolism is slowed down then psionics must surely be affected in the Astral. To my disappointment, nothing is mentioned in the ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS Manual of the Planes.

So I thought a little more. Okay, functioning might be slowed down, but what of the effects. I thought that the segment component of the melee would remain the same, due to the fact that actions were occuring in a different time-frame, but two scenarios came to mind. One, what of combat occuring outside of the Astral, with the resultant "loser" being dumped in the Astral. Two, what if combat were to remain the same with the effects of the battle altered to reflect the duration of bodily effects. So let's look at this.




Specifically, the Letters C (meaning Confused for 2-8 rounds, no psionic activity possible), D (Dazed for 1-4 rounds, no psionic or other activity), I (Idiocy, psionic ability lost forever, though idiocy is curable by a heal spell), K (Killed, raising/resurrection is possible, but psionic ability is lost), P (Permanent loss of one attack or defense mode or psionic discipline, and dazed as above), S (Sleeping is a coma for 1-4 weeks (catatonic state 99% likely to be mistaken for death)), R (Robot, meaning mind is under the control of the victor until released or 2-8 weeks have elapsed and a saving throw versus magic is made), and W (Wounded, one attack or defense mode or psionic discipline unusable for 2-8 weeks).


Okay Confusion is 2-8 rounds so that is about 240 years to 1360 years "true time" this is, however, moot because the victim is not incapacitated. The more important of the above conditions are Sleeping and Robot (god I love the Robot). Sleep would last a considerable time on the Astral if the effects were translated from the Prime, with a potion of sleep causing such extensive damage the similar condition caused by a psionic attack would be an equally effective alternative in combat. Robot would be even worse given that the duration of the effect is effectively doubled. The math for sleeping is 1,713,600 days for 1 week of catatonia to 6,854,400 days for the full 4 weeks. That's a long time to drift in game time. With Robot doubling the effects we have 3,427,200-13,798,800 days of being under something else's control *maniacal laugh here*

This raises another question.

Can psionics function across planes? (such as can the Robot's controller control the Robot from another plane other than the Astral?)

If so, we have some fun gaming. (At least for those who enjoy psionics).

Can a Robot be forced to enter the Astral Plane?

If so, then effectively the gaming of this would be hillarious (at least to me). Where Robots were "created" on the Prime and sent to the Astral for millions of days game time under the control of the psionic character.

Well that's about it, just a thought...

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