Caravan of Carnage marches again!

Almost a year after their famous victory in the race across the deserts of Calimshan, two members of the 'Caravan of Carnage' found themselves fighting side by side in defense of the eladrin nation of Myth Drannor.   Both already proclaimed as 'Demon Hunters of Windsong Tower' by the Coronal of Myth Drannor, Xanda Stormscale the dragonborn spear-fighter and the orc warlord Ougrok the Hammer used their extensive demon-slaying skills to tear through the swarms of chaos spilling out from the Abyss.  They recruited a new member to the adventuring company, a human double axe wielding ranger named Jett, who proved himself in battle to be worthy of the honour.

Following their victory both Xanda Stormscale and Ougrok the Hammer had accumulated sufficient honours to be offered the title 'Sha'Quessir', or elf-friend, by the Coronal.  Good at heart despite her gruff exterior, the dragonborn Xanda Stormscale accepted the title graciously.  When it came to Ougrok's turn to answer, he paused for uncomfortably long seconds.  The orc enjoyed the vision of the high and mighty Coronal of Myth Drannor having to offer this reward through gritted teeth to one of his race.  He looked around the eldarin court and could see barely contained disdain in many faces.

When it appeared that even the long-lived eldarin were about to lose their much vaunted patience, Ougrok replied in the common tongue, his sonorous voice reverberating throughout the gathering as he bowed slightly to the Coronal.

"I am Ougrok the Hammer, an Orc of the North, destined to take my place as chieftain of a proud tribe.  For now I will fight your enemies and shed my blood for your city, and will be pleased to take gold and treasure from your vaults as payment.  But I cannot accept this 'reward' you offer."

As Ougrok straightened and scanned the court he could see some of the eladrin seemed to relax, perhaps relieved that one of his kind would not be claiming citizenship of their proud community.

The Coronal seemed about to speak when Ougrok continued, his voice steady and tone measured, as the beginnings of a smile stretched across his scarred and brutish features.

"Besides Majesty, it is one thing to fight for you, but another thing completely to share the disgrace of this nation of puny weaklings who cannot even defend themselves without calling on the likes of me."

For a moment there was silence, the calm before the storm which erupted throughout the court.  The orc had indeed tested the patience of the eldarin to breaking point, with calls for blood mixing with the rattling of weapons being readied and the preparation of spells.  Ougrok for his part stood like a statue, looking directly at the Coronal.  The eldarin's face was equally stony in the reply, the words silencing the court.

"Orc, that you would speak such betrays your base heritage.  You have fought for Myth Drannor and been paid for the service, and now you will leave our lands and not return."

The Coronal's raised hand quieted a second storm of protest as Ougrok bowed slightly to the eladrin ruler before striding out of the court.  "Get out and stay out," the orc warlord mimicked in his native tongue "until the next time you can't keep the demons out of the parlour...."

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