Flashing Blade Ranger (Versatile Weapon)

One thing that annoyed me about the ranger class and still does is... well at some level when you are making one I feel stuck with Dritz (sp) the two weapon ranger... Now Strider wasnt a two weapon fighter - note carefully he pretty much used one healthy melee weapon.

I am not stuck on Arragorn son of Arrathorn the King to Be - being a ranger heck no he builds way too awesome and interestingly as a Warlord with a dabble of nature skills  for that to be an actual issue (and Tolkeins rangers were actually considered a race akin to half-elves)

Martial strikers now have some substantial class choices as it stands we have the ranger (twf) we have the rogue(light weapons and daggers)  and the Slayer (Great weapon fighters)

So who is left holding the bastards sword/long sword this is for the Versatile weapon striker, surely not just defenders. 

My answer:

The Flashing Blade Ranger

Like the Two-Blade Rangers you like to get up close but your fighting style relies on swift slashing movements of a single versatile weapon used in two hands. Naturally, you prefer melee attack powers, and that means Strength should be your highest ability score. For your second ability, Dexterity is a good choice because it improves your AC. Make Wisdom your third choice, since it adds to your Will defense and provides a bonus to many of your powers. Choose powers that reflect your versatile fighting skill.  

Flashing Blade Fighting Style

This fighting style allows you to use a Versatile weapon as though it were a double weapon when used two handed (in place of the normal +1 bonus). In addition, you gain Toughness as a bonus feat. 

 Associated &  Versatile Weapon Feats

Flashing-Steel Flair (Dex 13) 

"You have learned to exploit the leverage and speed provided by versatile weaponry unusually well, your blade flashes in fast deadly arcs."

While wielding a versatile weapon two handed, you gain an additonal +1 bonus to the damage rolls of melee attacks with that weapon.

Flashing-Steel Defense (Dex 13, Flashing-Steel Flair)

"With your flashing fast blade you can make of it a barrier of purest metal. "

While wielding a versatile weapon two handed, you gain a +1 shield bonus to AC and Reflex.

Flashing Flurry (21st level, Dex 19, Flashing-Steel Flair)

"It isnt just one opening when your blade is lightning"

While wielding a versatile weapon two handed, if you make a successful opportunity attack, you can also attempt a second opportunity attack(but with a –5 penalty to the attack roll).   

Lightning Blade Arena Fighting Style (Dex 13, Flashing-Steel Flair feat, any martial class)

You gain a benefit with any of the following exploits you possess.
Dual Strike (Fighter): If both attacks hit and you are wielding a versatile weapon with damage die under d10, you gain a +2 feat bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with opportunity attacks until the start of your next turn.

Twin Strike (Ranger): If both attacks hit and you are wielding a versatile weapon with damage die under d10, you deal extra damage equal to your Dexterity modifier. 

 Flicker of Flashing-Steel (11th level, Flashing-Steel Flair)

"Exploiting openings left by a truly awesome attack your fast follow up demonstrates what a flexible combatant can accomplish. "     

While wielding a versatile weapon two handed and score a critical hit, you can make a melee basic attack with it against the same target or to adjacent target with an unarmed melee basic attack as a free action.   


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