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Orcus Musings

Hmmm.  Well, I've dug down through our current mountain of projects, into the Orcus designs, and we are gearing up to try to playtest just a bit more. 

We don't have a dedicated map to realease for Orcus- though Dungeon of Blood really fits both the theme and the design.  Temple of the Unseeing is a great second choice. 

The thinking behind the current Orcus scenario is to make it a bit flexible, so that you can play against the Prince of Undeath many different ways, though always aiming to take him down.

But, since most of the minis gamers are looking for a challenge, and since bigger is better, lets talk about his toughest incarnation.  If we assume that he was able to slay the Raven Queen, but had a moment of vulnerability where he could be taken down, you are looking at fighting a 765 point monster of a demon lord, including his (crafty and downright mean) wand. 

So, - what do you think?  Can you put together 8 creatures totalling 765 points to take down Orcus? 

Hope to have him out to you soon, so we can find out.

UPDATE:  So, one of the playtest groups emails me this:

"Playing with the Big O is seriously fun. The table keeps changing like there's no tomorrow. Epic Raistlin brought a nice team to meet the O and it looked bad for O early on, but then it started to go sour real soon for the "heroes"..."





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