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Heroes of Blogging: January 2011

This is an ongoing series in which I highlight what I think were the best D&D-related blogs each month.  This is the article for January 2011.  The criteria for this honor is:

  1. The blog must be on the WotC Blog site.
  2. It cannot be made by a featured or staff blogger (the point is to highlight blogs that might otherwise go unnoticed). 
  3. It cannot be made in the blogs for a specific group.
  4. It must pertain to D&D (of any edition).
  5. It must be in English.
  6. It must not be reposted from or pushing content on another site.
  7. It must tickle my fancy.

Note, you really should check out the featured blogs.  You can see the current Featured Blogs here and the Staff blogs here.

And here we go!  Please take a look at the great work by these Heroes of Blogging!

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