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What's that? Line is cancelled?

I really am terrible at blogging, but its time to put another one out there, this time in response to the most recent discussion of the end of the minis line.  What the infamous ampersand article referred to was the end of the random DDM packaging. 

To be honest, we weren't actually expecting a new random set this year anyway (though a beholder-like set is expected).  We are, in fact, planning on releasing new ways to use existing miniatures.  There's lots of work to do catching up on the Iconic sets, (aside from the already released icing death scenario, we've only worked on Orcus and Gargantuan Blue).

I 'suspect' we will try to re-introduce some of the older maps (Thieves Quarter?) and continue to sanction worthy new maps, such as Haunted Quarry.  And yes, I am planning on running large events at both GenCon and NeonCon this year.  It might be time to start thinking about spring qualifiers for the GenCon Championships.

We've our own releases planned for 2011 as well.  Half of the "Outfitter's shop" was previewed at GenCon last year, opening the door for new, mundane yet useful items for the supporting members of your warband.  On the other extreme, the 13 piece epic items set is burning a hole in my computer, waiting to be posted (some very cool options for your summer epic tournaments in there).  The beholder set stats will also be released very soon.  By the springtime, you'll also see the first cards for a 'DDM War' type of unit:  a cluster of several commons that acts as a single creature. 

We've a few more surprises that should offer new ways to play.  And when new miniatures do come out, we'll be ready.  Let's face it; in a bad economy, the free rules and stats from the DDM guild are one of the best deals around.


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